The Emeralds at Grand Rapids

A Continuum of Care Campus

What to Expect

Our care team is committed to helping you make The Emeralds at Grand Rapids your new home.

Transitioning to a new home can be challenging. That’s why we make sure to provide the most homelike experience possible for our residents. When you arrive at the facility, you will get a tour of the campus to ensure you know your way around. Your care team members will discuss your routine with you so that we can make sure your experience at The Emeralds at Grand Rapids is as similar as possible to your routine at your previous home. We want to make sure you can settle into your room, meet some new people, and make some friends right away. We encourage people to attend our many activities so they can become engaged and interact with others in the community. Here are a few important notes for any new residents to know before arriving at our facility.

We want to make sure you keep a day to day routine that you're comfortable, just as you would in your own home. Based on your physician’s advice, we’ll work with the therapy team to make sure your time at our facility is as productive as possible, encouraging you to remain active and focus on recovery. Our nursing team will assist you with any medications and help you with any care needs. Of course, there are all kinds of activities to fill your time as well! We have many exciting activities to participate in throughout the day which allow you to socialize with others. We also have activities to do on your own on those days when you would rather do some activities independently. We also have Internet and cable TV to provide you with some much needed downtime during your stay with us.

When you Arrive

When you arrive at our facility, we’ll assist you to your room and help you get all settled. Our maintenance staff can help you hang any pictures or other artwork to make you feel at home. After our nursing team shows you to your room, they will complete a short assessment to ensure you get the care you need during your time with us. They will also make sure you have everything you need to feel comfortable. Then you’ll meet the rest of your care team.

What to Bring

Make sure you pack several loose, comfortable outfits to wear during therapy. These outfits should be easy to get on and off because you don’t want to potentially aggravate any injury you may have. Sweatpants, shorts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are good choices. Additionally, you will need to bring pajamas, undergarments, and any toiletry items you may need during your stay, as well as assistive devices like glasses, hearing aids, or equipment you were given at the hospital (braces, walker, etc.). If you forgot something, don’t worry. Simply let the staff know and they will accommodate you.

Butterfly Bistro Dining

Our culinary members create exquisite meals that cater to your individual needs and preferences. We also offer snacks and menus for specialized diets as well as five always available menu items to ensure your taste buds are satisfied while fulfilling your nutritional needs.