Laurels Peak Rehabilitation Center

Continuum of Care Campus


The Therapeutic Recreation team plays a vital role in our person-centered care philosophy and the Laurels Peak Rehabilitation Center staff strongly believes that a thriving individual is not only getting their medical and physical needs met, but their spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and social needs as well. Our Therapeutic Recreation staff pride themselves on providing a customized and evolving plan for each resident to meet these needs with activities in both group and individual settings. The Therapeutic Recreation team provides residents at Laurels Peak the opportunity to participate in unique programming and experiences.

  • Arts and crafts

  • Pet therapy

  • Gardening

  • Games

  • Entertainment

  • Community outings

  • Religious services

  • Sensory activities

  • Outdoor events 

  • Therapeutic art activities

  • Exercise classes

Our activities are specifically geared toward ensuring that our residents are as active as possible. If one of our activities doesn’t appeal to a resident, we hope the multitude of other activities we offer will pique their interest. As the old law goes, a body in motion tends to stay in motion!