Crystal Seasons Living Center

Assisted Living


At Crystal Seasons Living Center we have 41 2-Bedroom, 1-Bedroom, and Studio Assisted Living Apartments.

These apartments are very up-to-date as well as having an open floor plan. We also offer a wide range of services to make the transition from Independent Living to Assisted Living Care much easier.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living offers personalized services and the privacy of your own apartment. From our compassionate and professional staff to your customized assistance needs, you can rest assured the individual needs of you or a loved one will always be met while staying at our facility.

The staff provides residents assistance with customized care and services; bathing, dressing, daily hygiene, grooming, and other activities of daily living as well as any medication management that may be required by our residents. We make every effort to encourage the maximum independence of our residents while still providing them with assistance when needed.


Crystal Seasons is in a quiet, small-town community of Lake Crystal. We are within walking distance to the local grocery store, family-owned restaurants, and community center. Being only 12 short miles from Mankato, we also have the flexibility to offer help in lining up transportation if tenants are needing to go to the bigger city to do any shopping.

Courtyard & Patio

We have a beautiful, spacious outdoor patio area for all to enjoy. This includes a covered pergola where the tenants and visitors can relax. The outdoor area is also lit up at night, creating a very cozy ambiance for the tenants to wind down. In this space, you can see a wonderful array of colorful flowers, lush plants, and a nice walking path to use when they are feeling energetic or just want to enjoy the sounds of nature.

Butterfly Bistro

Included in your stay at Crystal Seasons, we provide three nutritious meals daily. The tenants receive a new menu each day and can choose what they would like to have for the following day. Our culinary staff does a wonderful job of giving a variety of options. If they decide they are not interested in what is listed on the main menu for the day, they could choose from a variety of replacement options. We provide a spacious Dining Room for independent tenants, as well as an Assisted Dining area, for when the time comes and assistance from staff is needed. Located near our dining area, we also have a Café available during the daytime hours. We always have coffee and snacks available for the tenants, families, and other visitors.

Out-Patient Therapy services on-site for all patients

We offer on-site out-patient Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy available by appointment to any of the tenants during their stay.

Activities & Events

Our top-notch Therapeutic Recreation team plays a vital role in our person-centered care philosophy. We provide a large range of daily activities during your stay. While we truly enjoy staying very engaged in our community, we like to show our support to the Chamber of Commerce at local events and fundraisers, as well as inviting different children’s groups to join us for a variety of activities. The church is hosted within our facility weekly for those who are not able to travel. However, the tenants have the flexibility to attend a church of choice nearby.

Crystal Seasons Living Center strongly believes a thriving individual is not only getting their medical and physical needs met, but their spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and social needs as well. Our Therapeutic Recreation staff pride themselves on providing a customized and evolving plan for each resident to meet these needs with activities in both group and individual settings.