Private Pay

Info on using personal income to pay for services

Private Pay

When primary coverage has been exhausted or denied, personal income and/or savings are used to pay for retirement care.

The daily rate includes a multitude of services, such as room and board and nursing services. However, this rate does not include outpatient services such as therapies (physical, occupational, speech, etc.) and other special services offered by the nursing home. This also does not include any of the monies incurred up to this point from deductibles, coinsurances and/or copays from insurances such as Medicare, Workers Comp, commercial insurance etc.

Each Minnesota nursing facility has 50 rates (sometimes called case-mix or RUGs rates), reflecting the different levels of care needed by residents and the allowable facility costs. See the Minnesota Department of Health's website for details on how nursing home rates are determined. In addition, Information on how nursing facility rates are considered can be found on the Department of Health's website covering the case-mix rate system used in Minnesota.

If private pay is the original coverage upon admission there will be an Alternate Daily Rate applicable for the first 30 days following admission. Once the care level is determined by DHS, that rate will be dependent on the facilities rates for each care level and will last till the next assessment is due.

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