Medicare for Skilled Nursing

Info about using the federal government’s health insurance program

About Medicare

Medicare is the federal insurance program for most individuals over age 65.

Residents over the age of 65 may be eligible for Medicare benefits depending upon certain Medicare coverage and eligibility criteria. If you're looking for senior living near me, and need help with the financial side of it, we can assist you. This facility will bill Medicare for services if the facility determines the coverage and eligibility criteria have been met. If the facility does not believe that Medicare will pay for the skilled nursing or specialized rehabilitative services, the facility will inform you in a standard denial notice why Medicare will not pay for your stay in this facility. Residents do have the right to request that a bill be submitted for a Medicare decision even if the facility believes that the service is not covered under Medicare. These requests are known as demand bills, and the facility will submit demand bills to Medicare upon request.


If you have already paid for services privately, and the Medicare or Medical Assistance program later pays for services during that same timeframe, you are entitled to a refund. This facility will automatically refund your money if Medicare/Medical Assistance pays for those same days, as identified in this facility’s admission agreement.

Questions about refunds can be directed to the Center’s Administrator.

More Information

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