Medicaid (or Medical Assistance)

Info about using the state’s health insurance program

About Medicaid (or Medical Assistance)

Medicaid (known as Medical Assistance in Minnesota) is the ‘need-based” program for lower income individuals.

Residents become eligible for Medical Assistance by meeting certain program asset and income limits. County human services agencies are required to complete an “Asset Assessment” upon the request of a facility resident or his/her spouse. These assessments will assist couples in determining how much of their assets will have to be spent for services in the facility, how much will be protected for the community spouse, and when the facility resident may be eligible for Medical Assistance.

County human services agencies are also responsible for re-determination of Medical Assistance eligibility for Medical Assistance residents of long-term care facilities on a six month basis. If the county determines that a resident is eligible for Medical Assistance, the facility will automatically bill the State Department of Human Services for services to that individual. It is the responsibility of a resident who is on Medical Assistance to assess when assets/personal funds are building up to the point of risking their Medical Assistance eligibility.

To apply for Medical Assistance for transitioning to retirement community living, contact your county human services agency

About Asset Assessment

The county or tribal office does an asset assessment if you are married and need coverage for nursing home care. It is a list of all the assets owned by you and your spouse on a specific date. You will need to give proof of those assets.

Asset Assessment Fact Sheet (PDF)


If you have already paid for services privately, and the Medicare or Medical Assistance program later pays for services during that same timeframe, you are entitled to a refund. This facility will automatically refund your money if Medicare/Medical Assistance pays for those same days, as identified in this facility’s admission agreement.

Questions about refunds can be directed to the Center’s Administrator.

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