A Resurgence in Caregiving: Communities Respond to COVID-19

A Resurgence in Caregiving: Communities Respond to COVID-19

Erica Sward

In a time when society is asking us to stay at home and misinformation is everywhere, nursing facilities are fi nding a new enthusiasm for working with our most vulnerable population. In this time where Long Term Care settings are having to turn away visitors and limit contact with loved ones, they need YOU the most!

Erica Sward is the Recruitment Consultant for Monarch Healthcare Management, a Minnesota based operator of Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities throughout Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin. Recently Erica’s days are fi lled with interviews for new applicants, a statement that would have been unheard of 6 months ago. “Our Nursing Assistant in Training, Culinary, and Activity Assistant positions have seen a huge increase in volume” Erica tells me, “People are seeing what’s happening and wanting to change career paths or want to have the satisfaction of giving back to their community.”

Under Monarch, passionate individuals wanting to care for their community can join the expedited Nursing Assistant in Training program, even if they are brand new to the fi eld. After completing a background check, Nursing Assistants in Training begin learning all the skills needed to care for individuals in a long term setting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in applicant fl ow, training schedules are more frequent and effi cient than ever in order to get well trained staff providing care quickly.

In addition to some people’s enthusiasm to help, there are also questions. The community wants to know how is COVID-19 affecting staff at Skilled Nursing Facilities? “People are scared” Erica confessed, “There is a lot of misconception out there about COVID-19. The most important thing we can do is educate staff and help them make the right decision for themselves.” Others have taken the calling as a badge of honor. “I have nursing assistants who ask to work with COVID-19 positive residents to increase their skills on their way to becoming a nurse. I also have staff ask to work with COVID-19 positive residents because there is no other feeling in the world than caring for an individual who needs your help.”

The front line staff’s commitment to caregiving during this time does not go unnoticed by others within Monarch. Employee recognition abounds on social media, as well as recent increases to hourly wages and a signifi cant sign on bonus for people looking to come on board. Chief Operating Offi cer Marc Halpert elaborates on this:

“When we looked into the future of 2020, we knew it had to be the year of our staff. We created our 2020 vision that focused on staff moral and happiness. During the COVID pandemic, we increased our efforts even further, with signifi cant thank you bonuses to help support them and of course, their families.”

No matter what their reasons, these heroes in scrubs can hang their heads high at the end of the day. We salute you and thank you for caring for those that need you the most.

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